What I Do

As a skilled scriptwriter, I help media agencies, YouTube channels, and businesses craft compelling and emotionally resonant video scripts that capture the unique voices of their clients and engage their audiences. I bring a blend of creativity and expertise to every project and have a knack for transforming even dry or challenging material into impactful stories. 

Brands I’ve Written For

YouTube Script Writer

I provide scriptwriting services for YouTube channels as well! Struggling to grow your channel because you don’t have the time to research and write your scripts? I adapt to your tone and dive deep into your content to take this vital task off your plate.

Video Production Agencies I’ve Written For

Agency clients include Launch Media, Echo Tango, and Brock Gomez Productions. I am actively seeking to expand this list.

Work I’ve Done

Click here to see my scriptwriter’s reel!

Who I Am

I’m a long-term freelancer who began writing full-time in 2009. In the past, I have written articles for publication, ghostwritten full-length non-fiction books, and have done more web copy and SEO writing for both major and local brands than you can shake a stick at. 

In 2016, I discovered video scriptwriting and fell in love. 

Companies hire me when they need an outside perspective and want to bring a little “heart” to their scripts. Past clients know that I deliver great work fast, so I’m also a great person to work with if you have a tight timeline. Sometimes, they even call me in to save the day when every other attempt to produce an appropriate script has failed! 

I’ll also guarantee you a positive attitude throughout. I’ve wanted to be a writer and nothing else since I was 6, so when I’m doing work for you, I’m already happy as a clam!

What It’s Like to Work With Me

“I’ve worked on several projects over the last 12 months with Devan. They’ve always gone above and beyond to create scripts that not only match the specifics of the client’s needs but also bring a personal, emotional element that allows the viewer to connect to the final piece. Devan has been very flexible and responsive and always takes feedback and suggestions with grace. Devan has worked this feedback into revised versions of the scripts while keeping the main theme of the project in mind. The balancing act of managing the expectations of several stakeholders is not easy, but Devan has delivered every time!” -Brock Gomez, Owner, Brock Gomez Productions

“Devan perfectly embodies a talented and versatile writer. In 2022, I brought him on board as a freelance copywriter based on a trusted referral in the digital marketing field. In the hundreds of articles written since joining our team, Devan has delivered informative, persuasive content and insightful feedback, transforming our productivity and results. Besides his exceptional writing skills, Devan’s creativity, problem-solving abilities, and meticulous research knock it out of the park. He effortlessly navigates between fiction and nonfiction genres. We have partnered on business website content projects and YouTube screenwriting. Consistent communication, prioritizing projects, and meeting deadlines are just some of his qualities that demonstrate professionalism. Devan is an enthusiastic, collaborative team member who I highly recommend as an invaluable resource for those in need of a professional writer. Continuing to work with him is both a privilege and an advantage in my business.” -Michelle E Adamo, Local SEO Strategist at Projects Plus Marketing

“I can’t say enough about how amazing it is to work with Devan. We’ve worked with him for many years now. He’s my favorite writer of our many contractors. You will really enjoy working together.” -Cody Baird, AdMen

“Devan has been a joy to work with. I frequently receive drafts ahead of deadlines, and his revisions effectively incorporate my feedback. He’s a great and transparent communicator. His prices are incredibly fair. And most important, his writing is clean, clear, and obviously well self-edited.” -Garrett Sussman, Grade.us

“We’ve worked with Devan on many projects. He does great work and is very quick to complete any jobs we send his way. He’s always a pleasure to work with.” -Darren Shaw, Whitespark

How Much I Cost

$80 per script minute or $80 an hour, whichever you prefer. I am also happy to quote a flat rate after hearing your project details. 

How to Contact Me

Email me at devrex.hudson@gmail.com, or text me at (425) 931-9572.