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These are just a few representative projects. Please let me know if you’d like to see something specific to your business or needs.

Article Copy

Happy, Safe Holidays, a feature article written for Cat Fancy (now Catster) magazine in 2014.

You can get a PDF copy of the article by clicking here.

Email Newsletter Copy

This is a newsletter I did for Dr. Bo’s Diet Center. I also write short-form newsletters with much snappier copy, but the different features and fully graphical presentation make this one a favorite one to show off.

You can get a bigger, more readable copy of the newsletter by clicking here.

Web Copy

The little blurb to the side is just my favorite bit of copy that I got to write for Elite Wildlife of Houston, TX.

I also did all the rest of the copy on their site.

Keep in mind I’ve done copy for all sorts of businesses, from cardboard machine manufacturers to RFID companies to small businesses like this one. I can adjust the tone, style, and content to suit your business and your needs.

Product Descriptions

Creating unique product descriptions for every product in an e-commerce store can be a challenge. Yet I’ve done it for everything from rocking chairs to military equipment to…well, these awesome fountains.

You can see all my descriptions over at You can see this one in particular by clicking on this link.

Case Studies

I’ve written several case studies for various industries and some annual reports for several nonprofits.

I happen to like the way Fair Marketing showcased these, though. Click the link for all four case studies, each lovingly crafted by Yours Truly.

Radio Ad Scripts

This one was a lot of fun! I wrote this radio ad for Philadelphia real estate agent Paul Rosso.

You can click here to listen to the whole thing.

Blog Posts

I wrote a whole series for, and I got to have a lot of fun with this one.

I also got to do a couple of cool interview pieces.

Training Manuals

Here is an excerpt from a training manual I helped write for the 3M corporation.

They intended to share the content with some of their e-commerce partners to make them more successful.

Want to see some other style of content? I’ve got a big backlog and a large library. I’ve even got a few full-length non-fiction books, novels, and short stories floating around on my hard drive.

I’m confident I can help you produce the content and copy that you need to meet your business needs and goals. Feel free to call me or text me at (425) 931-9572 or email me at

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