Featured Projects

Most of the time, my copies of these videos aren’t given to me in embeddable format, so I’ve included direct links to the videos themselves. I can make copies of most of these scripts available to you directly in PDF format. Just email me at devrex.hudson@gmail.com to request the one that’s most applicable to your business needs, and I’ll send it on to you. 

Business Projects

Albemarle, Potential to Possible

A picture of Albemarle lithium pools. Launch Media needed to convert a long-form video full of dry, technical engineering terms into a sweeping branding video that would impress stakeholders and prospective business partners. After collaborating closely with Creative Director Wes Kinnison, we settled on a theme of potential and worked together to forge a story.

Watch the video here.


Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, Let’s Build Amazing

A yellow cartoon deer in a bayou.I was brought in to create the supers for an animated piece that would bring to life a series of animal character sets to represent the entire state of Louisiana while promoting the new hospital. It was important to bring a sense of childlike wonder and optimism that honored the storybook concept of the video.

Watch the video here.


Harveston, Showing is Better than Telling

A picture of the Harveston water towerThe challenge here was to create the voiceover for a teaser promo piece designed for display at Baton Rouge’s biggest real estate convention, called “Trends.” The idea was to create excitement and buzz around a new development, all while making the most of existing footage.

Watch the video here.


The Louisiana Department of Insurance, It’s Just That Fast

Picture of a broken window.Keep a PSA exciting and engaging? Challenge accepted. The job was to challenge the general public’s view of how car burglary happens. The client didn’t mind breaking a window or two and gave me the freedom to write the entire script, covering both voiceovers and action.

Watch the video here.


The Emerge Center, The Beauty of Brody

A photo of BrodyBrody is the real-life star of this show, a promo for The Emerge Center, a school that helps autistic kids like him. I was tasked with creating a script that a 2nd grader could easily read and to convey an emotional story to an audience of donors. This video won the Silver Award for Branded Content and Entertainment Non-Broadcast, 2023, from the American Advertising Federation of Baton Rouge.

Watch the video here.

The ExxonMobil Beaumont Refinery Expansion Project

A young Black womanMy client was about to tear his hair out when he brought me this project, a signature edit video for the new Exxon Blade Refinery in Beaumont, TX. The scripts he kept getting back from his own team were dry, boring, and technical. He needed something emotional that would showcase the positive impact Exxon has in the Beaumont community. I was given full creative freedom to write the entire script, and this video is the result. 

Watch the video here.


You Tube Projects

Odd Mysteries, The Feeny Family Murders

Vince at Odd Mysteries was overwhelmed. It sometimes takes him hours, even days, to research and write his true crime mystery scripts. He needed someone who would match his voice and the format that he has found to be successful as he grew his channel. We’ve been able to work together on several videos now. Easy enough to embed this video, as it’s on YouTube!


Additional Projects

These are videos that I did not receive links for or could not find posted online or videos that I once had links for that seemed to go defunct. In one case, I found a version of the video posted from a later year but didn’t find the exact clip I worked on.

Deep South Crane, Job of the Year, corporate video.

GILICO, The Next Big Thing, shareholder video.

Conoco/P66, Shield Your Future, safety video.

Let’s End Hep C, LouisianaIBM Community Health App PSA.

A commercial for Excel Scaffolding.

A commercial for GMTS.

A commercial for NextGen.

A commercial for Precision Refractory Services.